Thursday, 10 August 2017 16:22

Featured Product: IndigoPro


A few months ago, we began carrying the IndigoPro advanced vapor system, and our customers have gone absolutely crazy for them! To be honest, we've had trouble keeping them in stock! We not only got a new shipment this week, but it had NEW FLAVORS!


The IndigoPro is a unique battery and cartridge vaporizing system with an easy-to-insert magnetic cartridge and a battery that vibrates when being used.  This unique vibrating feature ensures you always know your pen is charged and working.  Batteries come in two colors, black and purple, and also include a USB charger and carrying case with slots for 6 different cartridges.




One of the most unique features of the IndigoPro system is flavored 500mg cartridges along with their raw blends. The system started with 3 raws blends and 3 flavored blends, but they've released new flavors, and we've got them! Midnight Moon is their new Indica flavor, a combination of blackberry and blueberry. We also received Oz's Orchard, their new Sativa blend, which is apple berry. We also received the Raw cartridges, which are available in Sativa, Hybrid, and Indica.

IndigoPro cartridges are also HIGH POTENCY, usually testing in the high 80s, but always over 70% THC. Flavored cartridges are slightly less potent than raw. We sell 500mg IndigoPro cartridges for $45, tax included.

Ask your budtender for more information!

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