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Monday, 16 October 2017 19:00

Featured Product: FLÏ Vape Pens




We know how much our customers love pre-filled cartridges, so Chip is always on the look out for tasty, potent, and fairly-priced cartridges to meet your vaping needs. We are happy to now be carrying cartridges from FLÏ.

Produced at Palo Verde LLC in Pueblo, Colorado, FLI is progressively becoming more recognized as one of the top cannabis oil and edibles brands in North America. With an innovative and clean extraction process, FLI products are created with the consumer experience in mind.

FLÏ Premium Cannabis Oil Vape Pens are made with distillate that is infused with flavored terpenes. We are currently carrying the Bananas Foster flavor of these terps-added carts.

FLÏ Hight Terp Vape Pens are made with distillate that is infused with strain specific terpenes and tests at a minimum of 80% THC with total cannabinoids reaching around 85%. We are currently carrying Blue Dream, Pineapple Express, and Fruity Pebbles.

All FLÏ cartridges fit on a standard 5/10 threaded battery.


  • Bananas Foster  (89.29% THC)
  • Blue Dream  (80.16% THC)
  • Fruity Pebbles  (92.27% THC)
  • Pineapple Express  (92.64% THC)

We are featuring these new cartridges at an introductory price of $30.00, tax included! You won't find a cheaper, more potent, half-gram vape in town!

Ask your budtender for more information!
Message us or press "Call Now" on Facebook with any inquiries!

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Friday, 08 September 2017 20:09

Featured Product: Dragon Tears


You asked for it, so Chip got it!  We are now carrying Dragon Tears Rick Simpson Oil (RSO) from Dragon Originals.

Rick Simpson Oil is a concentrated cannabis oil that has been world renowned for treating cancer.  Leafly has an amazing article all about the story of Rick Simpson, how RSO is made, and the potential healing benefits of this extremely potent ethanol-extracted cannabis oil. (Who Is Rick Simpson and What Is Rick Simpson Oil?)  

Dragon Tears tests anywhere from 750-800mg of THC per one gram syringe.  We are selling a full gram syringe of Dragon Tears RSO for only $45.00, tax included. You won't beat this price in Trinidad!

Visit our Facebook Page and press "Call Now" for more information!
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Tuesday, 15 August 2017 18:51

Featured Product: Pura Elements


We have always carried products by RX Green, a great company that our customers love. RX Green is now known as Pura Elements. We are still carrying all of the same great products our customers have come to known and love from RX Green, with new packaging. We also have some new products from Pura, and we're very excited to share them with you!


  • FIRE (Sativa)   1000mg   $70.00
  • AIR (Hybrid)    1000 mg  $70.00
  • LIGHT (1:1)     1000 mg   $70.00


  • 2 oz  $16.00
  • 8 oz  $36.00


  • FIRE (Sativa)  100mg   $25.00
  • AIR (Hybrid)    100mg  $25.00
  • WATER (Indica)  100mg  $25.00
  • LIGHT (1:1)  100mg  $35.00
  • EARTH (CBD)  100mg  $40.00


  • FIRE (Sativa)  30mg  $15.00
  • AIR (Hybrid)   30mg  $15.00
  • WATER (Indica)  30mg  $15.00
  • LIGHT (1:1)  30mg  $25.00
  • EARTH (CBD)  30mg  $25.00

Ask your budtender for more information!

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