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Sunday, 16 July 2017 17:37

Sunday Sales (July 16, 2017)






$135 OZ
We feature an ounce for $135, out the door, every day. We pick a random strain off of our Gold Shelf, and we we run out, we pick another one. Mix and match these two strains any way you'd like for the same ounce price!

Today: Kenny F. Powers and Colorado Sweet Kush.



Wax - $20/g                   Strains: Super Lemon Haze, Magic Dragon, Cookie Kush
Shatter - $25/g               Strains: Death Star, Haze Extreme, Sour Diesel, Wicked Step Sister, Super Lemon Haze


Americanna Cannapuffs, 100mg - $16


All of our other 100mg THC edibles are $20 every day!



Contact us at (719) 846-2449 or via our Facebook Page for more information!
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Sunday, 16 July 2017 00:38

Featured Product: TasteBudz Gummies


Jessi and Tay Tay have received so many compliments on their new snapback hats from TasteBudz! Thanks again for hooking us up with the sweet swag, guys!

We carry the full line of TasteBudz gummies, and they are one of our budtenders' favorite edibles. We love that they are available in Indica or Sativa in every flavor!


100mg THC - $20 out the door!

TasteBudz are available in 100mg THC in flavors Watermelon Blast, Blue Raspberry, Kiwi Strawberry, and Tropical Punch. All four flavors come in Indica or Sativa, and contain ten 10mg gummies. All of these flavors are $20 out the door, tax included!


100mg CBD, 20mg THC - $25 out the door!

We are also happy to announce we are now carrying TasteBudz' new CBD gummies. We have the Green Apple flavor, which are at a 5:1 CBD/THC ratio. The package contains ten gummies, and each one has 10mg CBD, 2mg THC. We are offering these medical gummies for only $25, tax included!

Ask your budtender for more information!

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