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Every Day Deals! (Thursday, October 26, 2017)



It's almost Friday! To prep for the weekend, we are featuring our every day low prices! Check it out!



Blue Dream (19% THC)

We always have an ounce for $135, out the door, tax included, every day. We don't order specific flower for this special; we just pick a random bud (or two... or five) off of our Gold Shelf. (Keep in mind, we only have two shelves. The only thing that determines what shelf we put our flower on is what we pay for it.) As soon as our featured strain is down to shake, we grab another flower and throw it on special. As always, we weigh all of our cannabis at the time of purchase to maintain quality.

Blue Dream (19%)
Casey Jones (21.84%)
Rampage (27.43%)
Sour Banana Sherbet (24.11%)
Yeti OG (29%)


1 Gram: $10.00
2 Grams: $18.00
3.5 Grams: $25.00
7 Grams: $50.00
14 Grams: $75.00
28 Grams: $135.00

We also like to boast our great EVERYDAY PRICES.
We pride ourselves on competetive pricing on all of our product, including flower. Our Gold Shelf currently features strains from OG Medicinals and Bonsai Cultivation, and our Top Shelf features strains from Verde Natural.


1 Gram:
2 Grams:
3.5 Grams:
7 Grams: 
14 Grams:
28 Grams:



We also have a lower price point for Colorado residents.



$20.00/g WAX & SHATTER

All brands except Incredibles.

We are currently carrying concentrates from Chronic Creations and Concentrate Supply Co.

We always have wax and shatter for $20, tax included. 
We pride ourselves on keeping this low price that our customers have become accustomed to, and are lucky to work with two awesome companies that ensure you guys are getting quality product at a price the right price.


Ape Adhesive (76.92%)
Black Cherry Maduro (85.88%)
Chemdawg #4 (77.88%)
Clementine Kush (77.18%)
Cobra Lips (69.97%)
Cobra Poison (79.02%)
Cosmonaut (82.87%)
Crested Butte Dawg (77%)
Death Star (82.19%)
Flo (84.21%)
Ghost Face (83%)
Hibiscus Sunrise (80,35%)
Medicine Man (74.81%)
Sour Diesel (87.52%)
Strawberry Nightmare (78.05%)
Sun Ra (82.39%)


Bubblegum (80.19%)
Dark Bar (81.29%)
Death Star (81.24%)
Herijuana (81.88%)
Liberty Cookies (82.39%)
Lucky Charms (84.3%)
Ruby Shine (82.75%)

 Strains subject to change.


100mg THC - $20.00


We are very happy to have become Trinidad's choice for recreational edibles. We offer a wide selection of tasty infused products to meet all of your edible needs.

CHOCOLATE from Blue Kudu, Trinidad's own Coda Signature, and Incredibles
GUMMIES from TasteBudz, Americanna, and Dixie Elixirs & Edibles
BROWNIES from XG Platinum
TINCTURES from Dixie, Lucky Turtle, and The Root of It All
HARD DROPS & MINTS from Dixie and XG Platinum
DRINKS from Dixie Elixirs

All of our 100mg THC edibles are $20.00, including tax, every day, on all brands. The only time our edibles are more expensive is when they contain CBD. Please see our Leafly menu for specific prices on the many CBD edibles we feature and a full list of the edibles we carry.


Remember, all of our pricing ALWAYS INCLUDES TAX.
Press "Call Now" or message our Facebook page for more information!
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