Friday, 15 September 2017 14:23

FLASH SALE: 100mg Dixie Chocolate Bars - Straight Up Milk & Straight Up Dark


We are doing a FLASH SALE on 100mg Dixie Chocolate Bars in Straight Up Milk & Straight Up Dark.  $13.00, TAX INCLUDED, today only!

Bold, rich and decadent, Dixie's Straight Up Dark Chocolate gets right to the point – world class 70% cacao chocolate and pure, clean extracted THC. Enjoy all the health benefits of 70% dark chocolate paired with the benefits of whole-plant cannabis.  Treat yourself and taste-buds to a truly luscious chocolate experience.

Straight Up Milk Chocolate is straight up smooth, sweet and delicious milk chocolate made even more delightful with the purest, sweet extracted THC. A truly melty experience for both your mouth and your mood. Sit back, relax and melt away.

This sale is TODAY ONLY.  (September 15, 2017)

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