Sunday, 01 May 2016 20:31

Going through Changes: How Colorado's Marijuana is predicted to change.

In the recent weeks since SB 80's overturn, it has be alluded to that the framework of the recreational law will undergo it's largest overhaul since the law was enacted. When I heard this I became worried, because typically when lawmakers revise a law they destroy the original intention. To my surprize regulations will be loosening up. The 7 gram purchasing limit for out of state visitors, will no longer exist. Instead it will be set at a full ounce, just like the current in state limit. Interestingly enough the other changes that will happen have not be alluded to. Many people may ask why change it   now? In part I think they chose to see how the whole legal cannabis expirence would work. Also the Marijuana Enforcement Division holds pannels for figures in the industry to come together and discuss what works and what doesn't about the law. Now after three years, numerous changes to the law and many meetings, the MED and legislature have enough imperical data, evidence and imput from the industry's community to move forward and completely overhaul bill. The media has only adressed the legal limit change from 7 to 28 grams for out-of-staters, with much speculation as to what other changes will follow states that have a proximity to Colorado are panicking. Kansas and Oklahoma are crying foul, saying that if out- of-staters had the ability to purchase an ounce at a time it would foster a larger black market. In fact the black market as far as cannabis has been irreversably damaged. And for those of us who see truth, we know that any out of stater who comes to consume cannabis,and their right mind wouldn't run the dangerous chance of bringing such a small amount of product back to their home.  It is going to be truly awesome to see the changes made and how it will shift the industry hopefullty for the better. The people are axniously waiting, and so am I.

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