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Backwards Progress: How ignorance is affecting the Cannabis industry

Recently, in the past month, the Colorado State legislature, heard and decided on SB 80 a bill that would change the entire marijuana industry here. The bill's language was clear: it limited THC percentages strains to 16 percent and suggested that the overall plant count for medical patients would be lowered to 6 plants total. The affects of SB 80 would be disasterous. But how? As a medical patient, I use marijuana to curb muscle spasms and pain in  my arm and hand due to Cerebral Palsy. If I was only permitted to grow 6 plants i would not have enough medicine because I use tinctures and that takes more flower and plant material and six just wouldn't do it, in Rhode Island i was able to grow 20 plants and I had just enough flower to get to be self sufficient. Now think of people who have cancer, aids or even siezures, to get relief, they would obviously need a higher plant count based on the severity of thier illness. Clearly they weren't consider when SB 80 was written. To be frank the ignorance in this bill was astounding, I might even say it was insulting. Clearly it was written by people with vested interests, or people that were just absolutely clueless about marijuana.  Even if we overlook the strict changes to plant count, the limiting of THC to 16 percent is idiotic at best. Lowering the THC levels, would have many detremental effects. Many genetics and strains would disappear from the state, also patients and recreational users alike would have to consume more of a lower percentage bud, to get the same effect. Why would this be enacted? It seems the authors of SB 80 have vested interests here, if THC is lowered people would be forced to buy more medicine for thier ailments. Maybe that was understood, that limiting the THC would cause the consumer to purchase more product, hence more tax revenue. Completely devoid of compassion, and common sense these two provisions were stripped from the bill.

I truly think SB 80 was grounded in ignorance and greed. This was the narrative as many people understood and they  openly protested SB 80 in social media as well as legilative session as testimony. As a result the legilature yielded to popular  demand and removed the two problimatic provisions.  This decision came at the right moment, because around this time the United States Congress issued a statement that they have two bills that would legalize cannabis on a federal level, while the DEA(Facist Bastards) finally moved to reshedule cannabis from schedule 1 to 2, because any dummy wih half a brain can figure out Cocaine and Cannabis aren't the same. However let us remember who was on the right side of history. I think I will end it on a high note with a traditional Ghanain poem :

My People

Do you know what time we are in?

It is time to remember

My people

We've rested too long in sleep

Let us arise

Let us arise

Arise and remember


To hold onto what holds you up

Do not give it away

Rise up

Sing a new Song 

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